Why should I request assistance from My Part D USA? 

We have years of Medicare insurance experience that translates into helping many thousands of people find the coverage they need most.  Each person takes different medications and has different obstacles we take into consideration such as heath conditions and financial obligations. We have seen it all! My Part D USA has the knowledge to educate and assist you regardless of your current health coverage status.  We not only help you enroll on the Medicare plans that cover all your prescriptions and doctor and hospital costs but saves you the most money as well. Our goal is to educate you about dealing with your future Medicare needs.  As the old saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

I am ready to begin Medicare, what do I do first?

The first thing you do is call Medicare at 1-800-Medicare or go to www.Medicare.gov and tell them you need to join Parts A & B for Medicare coverage.  When you turn 65 they automatically enroll you into Part A and they have begun doing that for Part B as well.  If you are going to continue working and have your health insurance through your job and have determined that is best for you, (we can help you look at the plan you have at work and give you options) you should tell Medicare you do not need to pay for Part B premiums yet.  This will save you money! You only need to begin Part B when you will have no other coverage and need to enroll on a Medicare Supplement.  There are only 2 things you will need when you begin Medicare coverage, a Part D plan for drugs and a Medicare Supplement for your doctor and hospital coverage.  Only 2! The confusing questions you ask yourself are....Which ones will be best for me?  Which plans save me the most money and provide me with the benefits that matter most in my individual circumstances.  My Part D USA can help you sort it out and give you peace of mind in one phone call.

How much does My Part D USA’s service cost?

There is no consultation fee to speak with any of our Medicare Consultants at any time during our relationship. 

Is My Part D USA an insurance company?

No. We are an independent insurance agency that specializes in non-biased comparisons to help you find the proper Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D plan.

Everyone you speak with will be licensed to discuss Medicare coverage plans in your state and answer all your health insurance questions.

How does My Part D USA make an income from this service?

We are paid by the insurance company with which you choose to enroll.  We provide you a list of the companies that are the best selections for you.  Once you choose the company you prefer and we enroll you, that company pays us the same as they would pay any other insurance agent.  The primary difference between our agents and most other agents is we don’t work for the insurance companies!  We provide non-biased comparisons of many companies to insure you are benefitting from a competitive marketplace.

Do I have to fill out the information online or can I just call and speak to someone?

Yes, we do strongly suggest you fill out the online form so that we can gather the information we need to do our comparisons before we talk with you. Knowing your drug names, your date of birth, Medicare enrollment dates for Parts A & B and zip codes are all very important factors in comparing prices that pertain only to you.  Any other information you give us that helps us understand your situation is invaluable to us so that we can do our very best to meet your needs. That saves time and energy and prevents playing phone tag.  We have a live person answering the phones and often will have someone available to talk to you right away; no pushing buttons and answering questions on a recording or leaving voice mail.  We know this process can be irritating for you and your loved ones. Most people are motivated to get this process taken care of in the most comprehensive and efficient way as quickly as possible.  Our toll-free number is 866-752-1795.

What is the Annual Election Period?

The Annual Election Period (AEP) begins October 15th and ends December 7th each year.  During this time, anyone on Medicare can sign up or change their current Medicare Part D plan or their Medicare Advantage plan. It is also a good time to make sure you have the lowest price on your Medigap/Medicare Supplement for your doctor and hospital coverage.  However, please be aware that if you receive a notice of a price increase from your Medicare Supplement plan, you can call us to get a comparison and change your policy at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR to save money on premiums.

How many drug plans are there to choose from?

Each state can have anywhere from 35 to 50 drug plans.  However, since each person has a distinct set of medications, or none at all, we can narrow that field quite considerably; down to 1, 2, or 3 choices.  Most of the time there is a single plan that best serves your needs from that list.  We will find that plan.

Do I have to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan?

No.  Medicare Part D is a voluntary program.  However, if you are eligible for Part D, and you don’t have credible coverage in its place, you will incur a 1% penalty per month that you are eligible and not enrolled.  Once you enroll, the percentage of penalty you have accrued will be applied to the previous year’s average Part D premium, and that total will be applied to your new premium each month.  This amount will change from year to year in accordance with the previous year’s average premium. 

So for example:

Charles takes no medications and his Medicare Part A or B goes into effect March 1st. He decides to wait until the AEP to enroll in a drug plan.  When he goes to enroll he finds out he has accrued a 10% (10 months) penalty and last year’s average premium was $30 dollars a month.  Therefore, Charles can expect a $3 dollar increase per month on whatever plan he enrolls in for that first year.  Time goes by and now Charles is going into his second year on Medicare Part D and he notices he is paying and extra $4.50 a month instead of $3.  That is because the previous year’s average premium jumped from $30 to $45.  This penalty will continue to change each year Charles is on Part D.   

Do I have to enroll in a Medicare Supplement?

No.  Medicare Supplements/Medigap plans are also voluntary coverage.  However, the majority of people on Medicare also carry a supplement.  This is primarily because Medicare only pays 80% of your doctor fees; leaving you with at least 20%.  Most states also allow a doctor to charge an extra 15% if they so choose.  That’s leaving you with 35% of a hospital bill that could reach into tens of thousands of dollars.  Supplements are capable of covering 100% of that responsibility as well as all the deductibles and gaps found in Medicare coverage.  The Part B deductibe for 2014 is $147.00.  You can get a Medicare Supplement that pays the deductible for you.  We can help you make the decision if your savings on the premium would save you the most money overall.