• Andrew & Judy Dachisen, New Jersey

    We want to say thank you for helping us through this very confusing program. You explained it in a way that we could understand, and because of this, we were able to make the right choices so that my wife can get her very expensive meds & our Medigap plans. I prayed for help to find a way through this, and you called. May the Lord bless you for the help you have given us and others!

  • Mr. & Mrs. D. O’Grady, Wisconsin

    Thank you for my Consultant who was professional, patient and polite. We got the best policy for our money. He advised the program which would best serve our each individual needs at an affordable cost. I would recommend him for a raise!

  • Gail Horton, Michigan

    I felt like a member of the family with my Consultant at My Part D USA because she listened and her responses were sweet and helpful. She was a personal Medicare shopper for me at no extra cost, WOW!!! I was also thrilled that a “real person” answered the phone every time I call, (no automated phone prompts). When you are about to turn 65 and go on Medicare insurance the Federal Government sends you a thick book of choices and decisions to make. These are complex, puzzling things to wade thru. You take ahold of this with us by working together in positive ways. Your outstanding software, knowledge of product lines and life experiences combined with cheerful attitudes and unhurried ways help people get the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. Then you give each of us the right product at the right time that we need it. It also did not take forever to do this on the phone. WHAT A BLESSING YOU ALL ARE!!!

  • Brenda Sallee, Alaska

    I had found your website online for a friend of mine and we were so happy with what you helped us with that when I turned 65 this year I called to get help too! My Part D USA is very informative and pleasant to deal with.

  • Steve Repoca, Arizona

    REAL PEOPLE, NO ANSWERING TREES!!! The Webster’s Dictionary describes an angel as a supernatural being; a guiding influence…That is My Part D USA!

  • Floyd James, Michigan

    Excellent! Totally did it all! Fabulous! I got everything done in 3 phone calls that were answered promptly and definitely pleasantly. I’m spreading the word – a good friend told me – word of mouth is the best, yes!

  • Sue Foust, Pennsylvania

    Your Consultants at My Part D USA are gems! They go above and beyond to help you. I could go on and on forever. If I lived closer I’d take them out to dinner. It is very confusing when you are dealing with Medicare and Plan F or G and your service is a GodSend for sorting it all out. I am so glad I found your company. I have worked in the medical field for years but found doing the research for my coverage was a little overwhelming. You are greatly needed and the help you give is priceless. Thanks for all you do and PLEASE KEEP DOING IT!

  • Doris R. Suddeth, Alabama

    I couldn’t ask for better service. My Part D USA goes above & beyond my expectations. It would take me hours on the PC to look up the information provided me through My Part D USA. When I told the Consultant what I needed she immediately told me what was available along with comparisons with different companies. Then I was able to choose what plan was best for me.

  • P. Casey Andrews, Oregon

    My Consultant was my Guardian Angel. I had no knowledge of how much I was overpaying on my Medicare Supplement and he set me up with a Plan F that was ½ of the price I was paying. My Part D USA is all about helping people. I would love to meet my Consultant in person and shake the hand of a man with great empathy and integrity. God Bless you all!

  • Ann Marie Rumpke, Ohio

    I am writing to say "Good Job" to My Part D USA. My husband and I have been up to our eyeballs in different plans for our Medigap and Part D I will soon be eligible for. We have been working on it for 2 weeks and I stumbled onto your website today and within a few minutes of my request you solved our problem with personalized info for me. You are knowledgeable, patient, and helpful.

  • Sim L. Diggs, West Virginia

    This service was great! Consultant was very good with explanations, patient when asked questions. What benefited me the most was being briefed on the different packages and plans and what they offered so that I didn’t have to do all the paper work when you don’t know what it all means.

  • J. Kelley, Illinois

    Thank you for always answering my questions and helping me make sense of the MEDICARE MAZE”! You did a great job of sorting through the various plans of Medigap and Part D. It is quite overwhelming! I feel that you listened to my needs and gave me the best options. I really appreciate your help.

  • Robert Evans, Texas

    Very courteous and knowledgeable. She asked for my info and knew quickly the best plan for me. Just knowing an expert in the Medicare Supplemental and Part D coverage is available lessened my anxiety. Thank you for this service. I expect my relationship with My Part D USA will continue for a long time!

  • R. M. Roberts, Michigan

    Turning “65” and receiving insurance information from so many is quite intimidating and confusing. This is what causes a lot of procrastination because you just don’t know where to turn or even figure out what you really need. That is why I feel particularly fortunate when I received your return phone call and was able to speak with someone who was not only courteous, respectful and patient, but also knew what he was talking about. Thank you so much for your assistance and for being so helpful!

  • Brenda Newbern, North Carolina

    Kind, Sensitive, Informative, Extremely Patient, Excellent Service! I received peace of mind and stress reduction as a result of My Part D USA and its effectiveness. From our first conversation I was comfortable that I had made the right choice. I was suffering from sever info overload and questioning how I could possibly have taught school for 30 years and yet be so thoroughly incompetent concerning Medicare. My Part D USA established rapport, explained options, and walked me through every step at MY pace! Never pressured or intimidated me. I was impressed with his strategy of having me repeat the info and steps to make sure I understood. I will definitely recommend your company to friends and family.

  • Jim Allen, Georgia

    I wish I had known about your company before I got into my current program – your Consultant saved me a lot of money and explained everything in detail so I could understand. I’m sure you get a lot of testimonials if all of your staff is as professional has he was today. Thanks again!

  • Antonio & Maria Moreno, Michigan

    I retired after having worked for 35 years. Because of the sad economy, my employer dropped our healthcare and life insurance. The nightmare began for my wife and I as we began our search to fill this void. We talked with Medicare, Social Security and many healthcare companies and left more confused than ever. We spoke with My Part D USA and they somehow have this very soothing approach in solving problems. They removed the confusion and calmly addressed our needs. It felt like they were heaven sent!! They are so knowledgeable in what they do and come across in such a pleasant way that it makes you wonder why other professional can’t be as nice and attentive. They helped my wife and I enroll in an affordable Part D plan and they also found a good Medicare Supplement/Medigap plan for me as I am presently on Medicare. Thank you very much for all your help and keep up the excellent work.

  • Jean Ellingham, Washington State

    My Consultant was a superb, delightful person that was very knowledgeable. Now I’m getting a good Medicare Supplemental plan and drug plan for the best price. I will refer My Part D USA to others.

  • Barbara Strauss & Carroll Leslie, California

    We have our own business and find an increasing lack of caringness from day to day interactions. This was NOT the case with My Part D USA. We felt very nurtured and helped. Thank you for being there. We are very smart people and have been very productive. My Part D USA has been very helpful to our family, to our community and it was nice to receive such great assistance! We both felt you were our “advocate” in this very complicated process!

  • Marty Waterhouse, Boston, MA

    I cannot say enough of how excellent and helpful My Part D USA has been. It was an easy way to get information so I don’t have to try to compare lots of plans which I can’t fully understand anyway. I have given your number to many of my friends.

  • Connie Johnson, TN

    Excellent service, concise explanations, My Part D USA takes the time to cover all information. Not in a hurry to get you off the phone until you are comfortable with the material. Speaking to My Part D USA with their knowledge took the headache out of the process. I have given 2 friends your email address already. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Denese Morse for A. & J. Westbrook, Ohio

    It was very nice talking to real people! The way everything was explained and the money we are saving is wonderful! I want to thank you for your helping my parents.

  • Richard Propper, New York

    Superior, Absolutely Perfect! The information and advice were both invaluable! I spoke to several other Consultants and none even came close to My Part D USA. I am highly selective in giving praise!! I am the oldest in my family and among my friends and you can be sure I will recommend you at every opportunity.

  • Judy Work, Ohio

    I got the best benefits! I am saving money. I am spreading the word about My Part D USA! Very courteous, patient people, very knowledgeable too. Being a recently retired RN of course I like to help people.

  • Louis & Phyllis Fabre, Missouri

    Your help was excellent and we located a policy we can afford. It is so nice to talk to a real person and not a machine.

  • Donna Watson, Texas

    I saved $78.00 a month! I’m amazed at the help I received. It was remarkable to be helped through the maze of health care options. The personal professional service is invaluable. Thanks to My Part D USA.

  • Julie Apperman, South Carolina

    EXCELLENT! It was great to talk to a person, not a machine, no prompt to push 1 for English. Excellent! When I call I always get to talk to a real person. This is why I like My Part D USA – It is Personal and NO high pressure sales.

  • Patsy Humphrey, Idaho

    Very pleasant and amazing how easy My Part D USA made the process go. I had gone on the computer for comparisons of Part D and Medicare Supplements. I was reluctant to give my phone number but decided to complete the application. I was thrilled at how fast I got the call back and being able to talk immediately to a PERSON! My Consultant made it very easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Norm Langhoff, Illinois

    Just a quick note. One of the Consultants with My Part D USA called yesterday to follow up on our email exchange from a day or two ago. What she did for me was nothing less than outstanding examples of what should be done by companies throughout this nation. If more people were as service-oriented as you, I dare say we would not be in the financial crisis we are in. Yes, I know that’s an extreme reaction. Instead of trying to sell me different coverage, you told me to keep what I had because it was working for me. But the fact is, what you did had much less to do with greed than with a simple sense of how you and your company can better serve a potential client. Thanks so much! If I could I would tell the CEO of My Part D USA what I think of your efforts.