Medicare Supplements New Information 2015

We know that many of you are concerned how Obamacare/The Affordable Health Care Act will affect your Medicare coverage.  So far, there are no changes, but stay tuned to us for any updates.  In our comparisons for your Medicare Supplement and Part D plans we will be looking out for you regarding this important matter.

One of the most important decisions you will make  beginning Medicare is the Medicare Supplement you choose to cover your doctor and hospital bills.

We only recommend Medi-Gap/Medicare Supplements to our clients unless they are seriously unable to pay the monthly premiums.  The reason for this is Medicare Advantage Plans are inferior coverage.  You cannot choose your doctor or hospital.  The drug plans are inferior and you have no choice of drug plan, you must use the drug plan that goes with the Medicare Advantage Plan.  This severly decreases your coverage and choices with regard to your health care.

Once you begin Part B with Medicare you will have a monthly fee of $104.90 taken out of your Social Security check.  Then Medicare will pay 80% of your doctor and hospital bills.  The next thing we need to do is find the best Medicare Supplement for you by comparing the plans available to you in your state to pay for the other 20%.  

There are many different insurance companies.  Medicare regulates all Medicare Supplement Plans, so all the benefits must be the same on each Medicare Supplement plan.  However, each insurance company decides how much they will charge you, based on your age and zip codes, if you are new to Medicare.  This is why a comparison of Medicare Supplement doctor and hospital plans such as Plan G, Plan F etc... are so important.  Just as you shop different stores for the best buy on the same model Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, you must do the same regarding your Medicare Supplement.  

Please be aware that Medicare allows the doctor to charge you up to an extra 15% of the regulated charges that Medicare will pay for you.  You should check with your doctor to see if he charges more than what Medicare's standard charges could be; then we can search for a Medicare Supplement that pays those additional charges.  

Don't be swayed by the slick commercials Medicare Advantage Plans use on TV and magazines.  Even if they give you a gym membership, they are taking away coverage and choices that are invaluable to you if you become ill.  If you unfortunately were diagnosed with cancer wouldn't you want to decide what doctor is treating you and at what facility you could go to? YES!  Using a Medicare Advantage Plan your fate would already be decided for you.

Beginning Medicare you have the 3 months before, the month of, and 3 months after your Medicare Enrollment date to make a final decision on your doctor and hospital coverage.  Even if you have enrolled on another Supplement plan, it would serve you well to get another opinion and comparison before your time is up.  

If you have been on Medicare for several years or more and your Medicare Supplement goes up in price you can call at 866-752-1795 to get comparisons and enrollment to a different plan that will save you more money on premiums each month.  However, your health will also be a consideration at this time.  That is why we strongly recommend taking the time to get a comparison at the beginning of your Medicare journey.  We never know what the future holds and once you are diagnosed with an illness, moving to a different plan may not be possible.