Medicare Part D Coverage

At My Part D USA we want you to be informed about all aspects of your Medicare D Coverage Benefits.  As you know the Annual Election Period October 15 to November 7 comes up every year for enrollment or changes to your Medicare Part D Coverage Drug Plan.  All the plans change pricing and the drugs they cover each year and it is very important to get a comparison to see if you are on the Medicare D coverage plan that will cover your drugs for the lowest co-pays and premiums.  You are invited to join us if you need BOTH your Medicare Supplement and drug plan compared.  If you only need a drug plan, please go to to get your Part D drug plan October 15 to December 7.

Good Information = Good Decision!

There are as many as 50 different Medicare Part D coverage drug plans or Part D Prescription coverage plans in each state.  You can also see if you qualify for Medicare Drug Assistance through Social Security.  We will help you do that along with getting your comparison of Medicare D coverage plans.  All the different companies have drugs they cover and do not cover.  It is important to make sure the Medicare Part D coverage drug plan you choose covers each and every medication you take.  Many people want to choose a cheap prescription plan, but do not check to see if the actual medications they take are covered. 

During the AEP, to see your Part D Coverage Drug Programs that will save you the most money.  Many people ask why they need to join a Medicare D Coverage Drug Plan or PDP if they do not take any or very few medications.  If you do not join when you are first eligible for Medicare D coverage, you will pay a 1% per month penalty that will be added to your premium when you do join and this is for life. This is also explained in the FAX section of our website.  Also, since this is an insurance product, you need to understand that if you get sick in the middle of the year, you cannot join until the next AEP.  You do not wait until after you have an accident to get car insurance and the same can be said of Medicare Part D Coverage Drug Plans.