Medicare Drug Assistance Program

Have you applied for the Medicare Drug Assistance Program?

Medicare would help you pay the premium for your plan and your co-pays would be $2 to $6. Most importantly, you would have complete coverage during the “donut hole”. 

When you call Medicare to see if you could qualify for the Medicare Part D Prescription Limited Income Subsidy Progrom, you MUST specifically use that language.  If you say you want to save more on your drugs or you cannot afford your medications, they will not automatically help you enroll in the program.  This is extremely important.  If you can't remember the name of the program, write it down before you get on the phone! "Hello, Medicare, I would like to apply for the Medicare Part D Limted Income Subsidy Program".

When you go to or call 1-800-Medicare to get a cost comparison for Medicare Drug Assistance, better known as Medicare Part D low income subsidy, please bring the medicine bottles you use to the phone with you. If you take a generic drug we must enter in the generic name to get an accurate Medicare drug assistance price comparison. This could save you much more money with a limited income subsidy or drug assistance program than if you used the brand name of your generic drug.

If you fell into the "donut hole" last year and are hoping to get some LIS, or Limited Income Subsidy drug assistance this year, we can help you fill out the application online so that you do not have any paperwork. That is why you need to get a Medicare drug assistance cost comparison based on the drugs you currently take to see if they will be covered on the plan you choose. If you qualify for Medicare Part D low income subsidy and do not call us to get a comparison and enroll, Medicare will arbitrarily enroll you on a Medicare Part D low income subsidy plan without checking to see if your particular medications are covered on the plan.

After you submit your application for a Drug assistance program or LIS, limited income subsidy, you will receive a letter from Social Security letting you know if you have been awarded Medicare drug assistance. If you are qualified you MUST send a copy of this letter to the Medicare Part D Plan that we enrolled you in so they will know to charge you the lower amounts and that you will not have a donut hole.