Cost of Medicare Part D

What can you expect from the 2014 stand alone Medicare Part D Plans?

The 2014 Medicare Part D Prescription plan deductibe for 2014 is $310.00.  There are many, many plans you can choose from that do not have a deductible.  That is why it is imperative that you get a valid comparison from

The Donut Hole begins after you spend using retail costs for your drugs $2,850.00.  Then you will have to pay for your drugs until you have reached $4,550.00 and then you will only pay 5% of your drug costs for the remainder of that calendar year.  

Based on new information one of the most popular plans in 2013 the Humana Walmart-Preferred Rx Plan will be called the Humana Preferred Rx plan in 2014 and will introduce a new 2014 Humana Walmart Rx plan.  I guess they didn't think things were confusing enough for you!  

Also SilverScript and SmartD Rx are under CMS sanction and NOT included in the plans available for 2014.  

You may notice an increase in your plan premium next year.  About 73% of people in 2013 had an $6.00 a month increase in their premiums and if you stay on your current Medicare Part D Plan you may see that happen again.  The best thing is to always get a comparison each year so that you don't pay more than you must.  

There will be fewer plans that completely cover the donut hole in 2014.  But if you use the Donut Hole Discount you will save money if you enter the GAP/DONUT HOLE.  There will be some relief, but not a total coverage of this period.  

Please look for your Annual Change letter in the mail from your present drug plan with the coming year's cost differences.  You will need this Medicare information to properly compare what is available to you by Medicare Part D Plans in 2014.