Medicare Part D Update

Do you speak Medicare Part D?

IN 2014 one of the best plans to choose is the Humana Preferred Rx plan for Walmart, If you take ONLY generics and you buy all your drugs at Walmart or use their mailorder they are FREE.  You must check with their formulary to make sure your generics are on that plan.  

This year the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan, or PDP enrollment period is only 6 weeks! Can you learn the PDP language in such a short time? 

42 million seniors and disabled citizens are now eligible to change the PDP you have now or enroll for the first time in the new Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. . Seniors have been waiting for help with their prescription drugs and PDP for a long time now. First, they must survive the jungle of jargon and confusing options that are making understanding of the new benefit hard to comprehend. Once you get real help to understand, you will see the good savings in store for you! We can help you find a plan that does not include a Medicare Part D drug plan deductible.

If you were eligible and did not join a Part D plan, or PDP last year you will pay a penalty of 1% per month on your premium as long as you live.. This will continue adding up each year that you are not enrolled. This penalty will not be as much as your Medicare Part D annual deductible, but there is no need to pay more than you have to pay. The penalty is meant to be “encouragement” to join a Part D plan. None of us know what the future holds, and even though you may not take any medications now, you will have coverage when you need it.

Seniors ask: Are the drugs I take covered under the PDP? What are the actual co-pays for each drug on my PDP? Will I have a Medicare Part D deductible or “donut hole”coverage? Will I save the most money on my prescriptions and Medicare Part D annual deductible with my PDP?

There has been much criticism, but despite the confusion the $500 billion PDP benefit is worthwhile. There are many plans to choose from that do not have Medicare Part D deductible 2014. One way for seniors to compare PDP plans is by using